Clare Bond

Design Leadership

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Human-centered design


Strategy + Delivery


Global design leader who brings a deep knowledge of humans (and their bodies) to create transformative products and services

Immersive spatial design pioneer for AR/VR

Collaborative visionary who sets strategy and ships excellent work

Giver of feedback, career grower, culture driver

Design Director


15+ years leading teams to produce their best work. Passionate advocate for user needs and creative vision, creatively exploring engaging solutions to tech and scope limitations. My happy place is working collaboratively to push what is possible.
Design leadership across research, ideation, visioning, prototyping through production. Use research, data and design strategy to rethink services and products, connecting innovation to production for clients like Adobe, Forrester, Edmunds, Samsung, Zoetis, Cigna.

Team + Thought Leader


Seasoned people manager: helping teams produce great work, and grow careers using positive motivation and encouragement. Can spot and attract talent, and retain team members through challenging projects and organizational change.  Contributor to EPAM innovation and thought leadership internally and externally. 
Shortlisted for the Women in IT: Innovator of the Year Award in 2019



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