User Goals

As a working mother I want to
reduce my stress levels quickly and easily
focus at work
be emotionally grounded with my family


As a user of the Worry Bubble app I want to
use an interactive visual narrative to reduce stress
articulate my worries and alleviate them
Learn to use breathing to relax

Business Goals

quickly create an MVP using seed funding
release an app to test the market



collaborative brainstorming to develop ideas with mindfulness coach, Dorote Lucci
sketching to try out ideas and play with flow
experimentation in Unity 4.3 to test animation, and gestures


Created beta using Unity 4.3
taught myself to code using C# to script the app



Test 3 different versions of the app to
improve interaction design
discover the best user flow
gather user feedback
developed a questionnaire using a google form with open-ended, probing questions
quantitative data gathered using likert scale responses
qualitative data gathered by recording user comments, think-aloud statements
usability evaluation from observation of stumbles, hunt and peck, hesitation


Worry Bubble was in the App Store for 6 months during 2014 until Embodied Inc folded
During that time
Over 2000 downloads with no marketing
maintained a 5 star rating with positive user reviews

“When the world tries your patience a few minutes with Worry Bubble brings me back to a grounded state.”

user review


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