User Goals

As an art lover I want to
be able to see and interact with Szyk’s work clearly and easily
learn more about this artist
understand the historical and cultural context of his life and work
easily navigate to find the information I like
be engaged and excited by what I see and discover new things
know when and where I can view exhibitions of his work


As someone who has an interest in WW2 I want to
understand Arthur Szyk’s role in the conflict as a ‘soldier in art’
view contextual examples of his work
be excited to discover an artist who was famous during this period, but is now not widely known

Business Goals

promote the work of Arthur Szyk
establish a blog and maintain the site in-house
reduce bounce rate and increase average time on site
create a more contemporary look and feel, while respecting the historical nature of the work
show more of the nearly 4000 images in the Society’s database

Research and Analysis

Google analytics of existing site
desktop users: bounce rate of 75%
mobile users: bounce rate of 100%
Average time on site: < 1 minute
Average age of users: 24 – 35
Heuristic and content analysis of existing site
site predominantly text-based, little information hierarchy and no visual breaks between areas of content
artist’s work only viewable in carousels that could not be enlarged or paused
confusing home page with too many competing navigation options
red and white color scheme was hard to read and competed with the artwork for attention 


worked collaboratively with the Society’s Director and a Board Member
sketch design for idea generation
developed wireframes for stakeholder buy-in
researched Szyk’s work and examined his visual imagery
explored the Szyk society image database for images of art and historical photographs


gain user feedback on color schemes via remote testing
create 3 page mocks using red/white, blue/white, white/white color schemes
feedback gathered using a google form
users solicited from the Society’s Facebook page, and membership base
quantitative data on user preference gathered via radio buttons (percentage calculation of preferred option)
qualitative data gathered via user comments


30% increase in traffic to site from social media
bounce rate decreased to 45%
average time on site increased to 15 minutes

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