The Product Marketing Manager asked me to come up with some ideas for the fundraising campaign to support Nepal after the earthquake in 2015. I replaced the background image on the homepage with an image of Nepal, and emphasized the tagline provided by Marketing with a color overlay.


existing site was limited to 960 px width
decided to use a full screen background image for dramatic impact and to make the campaign seem more contemporary and ‘of the moment’
integrating a full size image in a 960 px wide site required experimentation to make image width look intuitive, requiring iteration




Version 1

text over image was hard to read

Version 2

shifted to call to action to right side of screen
changed image at request of marketing 

Version 3

feedback from Director of Marketing that call to action should remain on left side of image
shifted messaging to right side of image, with colored overlay, blue selected as symbolizing hope, and to empower the user with a sense of possible action

Final version

blue overlay seemed too cheerful for the subject matter and not dramatic enough, changed blue overlay to black
after the campaign ended, using a full-width image at the top of the NRG Home Solar website became standard
the website is being redesigned to a full-screen format, expected to launch in December 2016




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