User Goals

As a soccer fan I want to
play games on my iOS devices that relate to my interests
have realistic gesture interactions that mimic playing soccer
As an iOS soccer game player I want to
quickly know how to play the game
having increasing challenges without becoming disheartened
be able to check my score
navigate through the game easily

Business Goals

create an early-access version of a soccer game concept
release in time for the 2014 Soccer world cup 



collaborative brainstorming to develop ideas with Monkey Birds developer Jason Macrae
sketching to try out ideas and play with flow



quickly create simple 3D models in Maya to use during game development
test animations by developing state machines and blend trees in Unity 4.3


Stryker is available in the App Store


 “ … this game is amazing. I’ve never seen anything like it, especially for early access.”

user review

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