Clare Bond, Director, Experience Design @ EPAM systems

Creative thinker | Visual Storyteller | UX, Service Design, AR/VR, Immersive XD

As a tiny child I remember sitting fascinated, watching my mother knit. Taking single threads and bringing them together in patterns that were beautiful, yet functional for users. As a UX Designer, this process fascinates me still: discovering the threads of pain points for users and business, and weaving a solution together in a cohesive understandable pattern that delights.

I like to play where it is challenging: whether that be creating a design direction for a technology that does not yet exist, using design thinking for complex user-focused business transformation, or delivering a road map grounded in user understanding. As a design leader I thrive on fostering fearlessly creative designers who go boldly where others fear to tread, helping them to step confidently into the designer they can be.

As an experience leader, I can tell stories with the best of them, but what I do is always grounded in pragmatics. Finding the path, in collaboration with multi-disciplinary teams, to connect the future with the present, and deliver design solutions that transform businesses and delight users. That is my passion, my joy and my drive.

For as long as I remember, the alchemy of making has deeply fascinated me

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