Clare Bond, Digital Maker, Lead UX Designer (Product) at NRG Home Solar

User-centered design for engaging digital interactions

I am an award-winning artist and designer who codes.

My approach is user-centered and is drawn from the results of user testing, and a deep empathetic understanding of user needs, while meeting product specifications.

I enjoy the creative synergy of collaborating and communicating with different stakeholders and team members across marketing, engineering, business development and design. I speak passionately and engagingly to pitch ideas and designs, to gain stakeholder support, and understanding, and I understand the value of giving and receiving constructive feedback and positive reinforcement in team building.

I think the difference between a good product and a great one is in how seamless it is to use: how elegantly it uses visual narrative to move the user through their journey, and bring them back again.

I’m always reaching for the best possible solution for a given context. I’m not afraid of iteration, and I know how and when to mock-up, prototype and wireframe. When it’s time to polish, I can tweak pixels with the best of them.

For as long as I remember, the alchemy of making has deeply fascinated me

So, what makes me different?


I am driven by curiosity, creativity and a passion for making things.


My PhD research was in neuroaesthetics. It examined the critical role visual cues play in establishing a psychological, emotional and physical connection between user and device.


My award-winning mixed media installations have been exhibited internationally, and are held in numerous private and public collections.


Each day I’m carving out creative space, in between the necessary busy of life.

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